Ghana Welcomes Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of The Royal Kingdom of Denmark

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From 22nd- 25th November 2017, Ghana will be playing host to the visit of Her Royal Majesty the Queen of Denmark. May I respectfully take this opportunity as Ghana’s Ambassador to Denmark to especially welcome the Queen and her entourage including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Environment & Food as well as the high-profile business delegations to the sunny shores of Ghana.  In a typical Ghanaian tradition, I say “AKWAABA”.

Undoubtedly, this visit is not only historic but of great importance and value to the people of Ghana. For the records, it must be stated that this is the Queen’s very first visit to West Africa and only the third in the whole of Africa.  That Her Royal Highness decided to visit Ghana in response to Government’s official invitation, speaks a great deal in favour of Ghana politically, economically and socially.

In fact, the high publicity of the anticipated visit has gained in Ghana is understandable because from available facts, since Queen Elizabeth II of England’s visit in 1999, this is only the second time that a Royal European Head of State is visiting Ghana.

In terms of rising up to the occasion, we as a country, are leaving no stones unturned, nor sparing any effort in doing all it takes to make the visit under reference both memorable and fruitful.

We note with interest and pride the unprecedented large number of Danish Business Delegations travelling with Her Majesty to Ghana and by extension to West Africa.  This clearly demonstrates that there are great potentials in Ghana that can be mutually explored. To us this visit is intended to mark the transition of our relationship with Denmark from the syndrome of AID to that of TRADE. Indeed, we reaffirm that whiles Ghana has benefitted immensely from Danish AID, this transition is anticipated to make our relationship even much stronger.

Personally, I think the transition could not have come at a better time as the whole idea of Danish AID to Ghana by and large had been so pre-arranged as to promote and advance the attainment of our country to full self-sufficiency where we will ‘depend on our own resources to buttress our own development’. Though we may still experience challenges as a country we are proud in the knowledge that being now a lower middle-income country with high prospects we should sooner or later blossom into full prosperity.

With Ghana’s economy growing, there is undoubtedly the strong correlation to the need for more advanced technology in areas such as Maritime, Agriculture and food, including Energy- areas where no doubt Danish Companies, I dare say, have lead competencies. To this end the Government of Ghana has put in place incentives and measures to make businesses that choose to operate and expand in Ghana to feel maximum confidence in doing business in our country.

Further it is to be noted that the government has also opened up opportunities for both private and public-sector investment, talk of One-District-One-Factory, One-Village-One-Dam, Planting For Food and Jobs and a host of other opportunities.

I believe our local businesses operating on their own could not fulfill all the demands of the preceding ambitious developmental aspirations without full appropriate foreign hand, cooperation and support.

As Ghana’s Mission in Denmark and for that matter representing other Nordic countries it has become our principal objective and goal to encourage all prospective foreign investors to take full advantage of the current dispensation to nurture and expand their businesses in Ghana.

To buttress all the above assertions, we cannot but re-emphasize that our country is peaceful, warm and with unalloyed stable democratic system. It therefore cannot be gainsaid that Ghana has continually established herself as the gate way and hub for trading, tourism and other businesses in the West African sub-region.

At this juncture may I invite all and sundry to join hands with our counterparts in Ghana for mutually beneficial commercial relationships.

We heartily welcome the Queen and her entourage to Ghana.



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