Ghana is endowed with abundant natural wealth,...

Below are highlights of some of the...

Parents have been charged to support their...

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has since the first Republic...

Energy & Power


• The 110MW steam component of the T2 Power Plant at Aboadze.

• 250MW Ameri Power Plant

• 225MW Karpower barge

A Country of Natural Wealth

Ghana is endowed with abundant natural wealth, including vast agricultural, mining and human resources. Along with its growing manufacturing sector, agriculture remains a key sector of the economy. The agrarian sector employs 60 percent of the Ghanaian workforce and makes up almost 44 percent of the country's GDP. Cocoa exports from Ghana enjoy a premium on the world market as a result of its high quality.

People, Culture, & Heritage

"AKWAABA", It’s an expression you will hear several times daily as you travel around Ghana, one that will ring in your ears at night, and bring a smile to your face for weeks after you leave. Akwaaba! It means ‘Welcome’! And you will be.



Below are highlights of some of the interventions Government has made to equip the security agencies:



Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

Kwame Nkrumah became the first prime and later president of Ghana. He was born on September 21, 1909, at Nkroful in what was then the British-ruled Gold Coast, the son of a goldsmith. Trained as a teacher, he went to the United States in 1935 for advanced studies and continued his schooling in England, where he helped organize the Pan-African Congress in 1945. He returned to Ghana in 1947 and became general secretary of the newly founded United Gold Coast Convention but split from it in 1949 to form the Convention People's party (CPP).

Consular Services



Visa/Passport applications for minors (children under 18 years) must be accompanied by a parental consent form signed by the Child’s parents.

Please note that parents with sole custodianship of their children should provide a letter to this effect.


Parents have been charged to support their children to study at home after school hours to boost their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) results to enable them gain admission into their first choice senior high schools.


The Ministry of Youth and Sports has since the first Republic undergone several changes in its structure and functions to reflect the policy directions of the incumbent Government.  In 1978 the Ministry was re-designed for only sports headed by a Commissioner for Sports, who was directly responsible to the then Head of State of the Republic.